Institute of Aquaculture (IA)

The extension programs of the Institute mainly focus on technology verification, training, technical assistance and consultancies.

Technologies generated and developed from research projects are verified either in the production ponds or in cooperation with the private sector. Appropriate technologies are disseminated through community outreach services, institutional training programs, the Aquaculture Summer Institute (AQUASI) which consist of short practical courses held every summer, and technical assistance and consultancies.

Training programs for both local and international participants are designed and conducted to suit specific needs and requirements of clientele upon request.

Institute of Fisheries Policy and Development Studies (IFPDS)

Seminar Series. Designed to tap the various disciplines/expertise of other institutions to enhance the implementation and realization of the institute’s R&D program.

Fisheries Policy Literacy Program. A training and information campaign for local government officers, NGOs, fisherfolks, fishfarmers and law enforcers.

Technical assistance, resource person and consultancy services.

Institute of Fish Processing Technology (IFPT)

The Institute offers extension services to clients in need of professional consultants, resource speakers, trainors and specialist. Analytical services in the form of chemical, microbiological and sensory analyses; process control flow assessment; and processing technique evaluation are also offered upon request. The Institute also engages in contract researches and contract production for private and government entities.

Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanology (IMFO)

The Institute conducts training programs in marine fisheries at local and national levels. It also provides marine advisory service to address marine fisheries and coastal issues among different clientele groups.

IMFO faculty and research staff actively participate in workshops and training courses. They are sought for consultancy jobs through institutional and individual contracts.